Personal Styling/Shopping

As a stylist I understand when you have the urge to want to change your look but don’t know where to start! Be it that you are a busy professional who does not have the luxury of time,  you are going back to work from maternity leave or a professional trying to get noticed for a promotion. Whatever your reason is, my team and I are dedicated to bringing your stylish side to life by offering personal styling package that includes:

Styling both men and women

  • Questionnaire to find out your sizes, preferences, shopping habits and your lifestyle.
  • Analyse your current wardrobe to assess what you need and want.
  • Saving you the hassle of going to store, as I or a member of my team shop for you. With a budget specified by you*, sourcing clothing that suits your style and bring it directly to your door.
  • Offer a personal shopping experience where we will take you shopping** and give you tips and advice on how to shop for your style and where
  • Teaching you how to build your outfits so you have the confidence to make your wardrobe work for you.
  • Making sure you have key pieces in your wardrobe to help decision making easier.
  • A digital photographic record of outfit options from your wardrobe that will help you select your outfits quicker.

Whether it be myself or a stylist from my team, our main aim is to make sure we provide a great professional service where you feel and look great. We promise to be honest but kind and tactful as we bring you great style and advice.

* Package is £450 for the service with a minimum shopping spend of £800 per client.

** Personal Shopping trips will be based in Central London. Other locations will have to discussed beforehand.

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